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Granite & Quartz Care

19 October

heritage oak kitchenThough granite and quartz are tough materials, some basic care is needed to ensure that it lasts the rigors of daily kitchen life and stays in a beautiful condition.


. Use a sealant – when we install your new quartz or granite it will come pre-sealed by the manufacturer. This will give your work top an initial protective covering against daily spills etc. But some spillages should be wiped up straight away, see next note.

 . Wipe up any spillages – granite and quartz are both porous stones and while sealants can protect them from spillages for a certain period of time, highly coloured or acidic liquids e.g red wine or lemon juice can stain. So where possible always use a chopping board and clean up any spills straight away.

 . Be a softy – always use a soft cloth on your quartz or granite, NEVER use abrasive materials or this could damage the surface over time.

 . Cutting or chopping – Never cut or chop directly on the surface of the quartz or granite.

 . Limescale – To avoid limescale build-up, always dry around the sink and tap area. 

 . Heat protection – Both granite & quartz are highly resistant to heat and can withstand high temperatures for brief periods of time without damage. However, all stone can be damaged by sudden and extreme temperature changes especially near the edges. For this reason you should use a wooden chopping board or mat to protect your quartz or granite from extreme heat.


 . Fill sink or bowl with warm water and add a mild detergent such as washing up liquid. NEVER use bleach or aggressive cleaning agents with high alkaline/PH levels..

 . Wipe down the surfaces using the soapy water and a soft cloth. Then dry with a clean dry cloth e.g tea towel to avoid streaks.

 .  You can also use a speciality spray such as Method Daily Granite Cleaner or Unika Granite & Quartz worktop cleaner. Use as per the manufacturers instructions and buff to a high shine. When we install your new kitchen and worktops we will provide you with a speciality cleaner in your ‘care kit’.


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