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Stefan’s story

28 September

Stefan’s Story

Stefan has recently done something pretty amazing that I thought you might like to hear about………….

He has been involved with the charity ‘Akamba Aid’ for a few years now. Akamba is the fourth largest of 42 tribes in Kenya, around 2 million who live mainly in the eastern province. This region is one of the most arid parts of the world and its inhabitants are some of the poorest in Africa. Akamba Aid has been working since 1999 in this area helping to provide water, food, education and healthcare. 

The Project

A new eye clinic has recently been constructed at the Gai Health Centre, helping to alleviate some of the many eye problems of the local people. Incorporated in the new clinic are four separate consultation rooms all requiring kitchens!


So this is where Stefan stepped in and got involved to help with the general logistics and installation of 4 new kitchens in the eye clinic.

The kitchen units were ordered months in advance before the trip from a local kitchen company in Nairobi.


All the other components required for the installation, including tools, taps and even 4 kitchen sinks were transported to Africa by Stefan and Colin Martin in their luggage! Luckily they were not stopped and searched at customs – a few jokes to be had ….everything including the kitchen sink and all that!! 




Stefan and Colin set off on their adventure on the 8th September having just 6 days to complete the project, including

the hire of vehicles to transport the kitchens and themselves to the site. They would be staying with one of the

Akamba families in their shambas, no running water or food, so this would all have to be procured and taken with them.



. Collection of kitchen units from Nairobi 








. Time to start!                                                            . Stefan & William Baluka                      





The kitchen was provided in a flat pack format…not what Stefan is used to!

Luckily most of the components were supplied, although there was some running around to do, which is never easy when all the roads are dirt tracks with pot holes the size of small cars to dodge!   

 After a lot of hard work and with the help of some local volunteers the kitchens were eventually completed!   











 Stefan says “This trip was unforgettable and a real challenge, it was exciting, rewarding and very humbling and the local people were fantastic, especially the wonderful children who always had a smile on their faces!”